Build Out UPDATE

First of all we just want to thank everyone who has supported Devout Coffee during the early stages of our company. We really couldn't be doing any of this without you and we want you to know how much we truly appreciate all of you. 

We've got some updates that I'm sure everyone has been itching for. The plans for our build out have been approved by both the Alameda County Health Department and Sanitary District! Huge steps! Our blueprints will now head over to their final stop at the City of Fremont. Once we've worked out all the kinks and acquired all necessary permits then the hand drills and nail guns can finally come out and start crafting a beautiful coffee shop!

Filming for our Kickstarter project has also begun. This will help cover the cost of building, decorating, and equipping our shop so we can open our doors as soon as possible.

Devout's dream from the very beginning has always been not only to source, roast , and brew the best coffee we can but also to provide an incredible environment in which people can come and enjoy a delicious hand prepared beverage. So keep an eye out for more updates hopefully soon!