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In 2011, we bought a BBQ off of Craigslist, converted it into a coffee roaster
and began roasting coffee in our garage. Our coffee was good -- and our friends
and family thought more people should be able to experience it -- so with a leap
of faith in Dec 2012, we opened a storefront on Niles Boulevard, bridging the gap
of specialty coffee between San Jose and Oakland.

With our own two hands and the help of our friends we built the coffee shop you see today. Everything from learning how to design plans, building the furniture, and laying concrete counter; all while perfecting our craft. Our vision remains the same:

Devout coffee is devoted to the finest quality coffee, perfecting the art of extraction, and creating an environment to enjoy the coffee experience.


This is why we care about our coffee; from where it is sourced and extract it with precision and care. It is why we serve simple drinks without compromise, so you can actually taste some of the best coffee from incredible coffee farms located around the world. It is our hope that we continually cultivate community and create an environment to enjoy your coffee experience with not only the pleasure of the aesthetic, but also through the interactions you have with our team.

So many of you have been with us on our journey throughout the years and we want to say, “Thank you!” If you are joining us now, we want to say, “Welcome to the family.” We promise to keep pouring our hears into what we do so that we may give you the best coffee experience possible. •••