Devout Coffee was once just two brothers in the garage, with a bbq converted into a coffee roaster. Fascinated by specialty coffee and the flavors that can be produced solely from the bean, they began to search out how to recreate that explosion of flavor they had experienced in specialty shops in the bay area.  As they began to show friends and family what coffee could, (and in our opinion, should) taste like they realized that people really loved it! Unless these friends wanted to drive 30min to the cities surrounding (or visit the garage...) there was just no place like it in their town of Fremont, CA. 

After much consideration Jon + Stevie decided to give Devout Coffee their best shot. They were gifted a Slayer Espresso machine, purchased a 2kilo roaster and started selling their beans to friends and family.  Planning, learning and  practicing in hopes to find a location to share their coffee with the community. 

In Dec. of 2013 a location opened up on the Historic Niles Blvd. the home of the 'first hollywood'  of the 1900's where dreams and passion drove people to create and innovate what is has become common core of our culture today. This place was perfect for a pioneering roastery company and a corner of town full of people who would appreciate a slow handcrafted drink. After hosting a backyard fundraiser, where their close friends and family, (and even new friends we'd  never met who were following our journey on instagram), they were able to make 37323 Niles blvd. the home base of Devout Coffee.  Together with a few of their friends, they set out to change the culture of coffee in Fremont and bridge the gap between coffee cultures in Oakland and San Jose. 


In 2013 we set out to build a full coffee bar + roastery in our Niles location. So we started on a coffee cart with a temporary wall blocking off the full expanse of our building.  We worked behind the scenes, dealing with city regulations, crafting elements and designing a space to be a place to truly enjoy the coffee experience. Aug of 2015 we opened our renovated space to the public where our coffee bar sets the stage for the coffee extraction. A place where our roasting room is on display and the aroma of freshly roasted coffee fills the air.  Large community tables provide space to study, work and enjoy the company of friends. Maybe even make some new ones. 
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photo courtesy of: @kvnnvthleung

photo courtesy of: @kvnnvthleung

don't just stay inside. In the process we opened the PATIO which allows for you to enjoy DEVOUT with friends in the open air! There is also free wi-fi (inside + out) if you are  more contemplative and don't mind working in an afternoon breeze. We find it rather serene. Niles is also a quaint little historic part of the Fremont area- full of shops and restaurants with antique flair worth checking out!